Exercise Move: Stability Ball Exercises: Medicine Ball Twisted Crunch

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The medicine ball crunch already adds intensity to the ab challenging stability ball crunch – adding this twist makes it even more hardcore!

  • Sit on the ball with the medicine ball.
  • Walk yourself forward and lean back until the middle of your back is in the middle of the workout ball.
  • Hold the medicine ball either over your chest or extended above your head. Keeping your feet in place, crunch your upper half toward the sky angling your right shoulder toward the left knee.
  • Exhale on your way up. Inhale as you return to your lying position. You really want to isolate your abs so you should feel it in your mid-section.
  • Switch sides crunching the left shoulder toward the right knee.
  • Start by doing a set of 10 and work yourself up to 3 sets of 15 reps. When you are done, roll yourself back up to the sitting position.

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