Exercise Move: Stability Ball Exercises: Chest Press/ Ab Crunch

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This was one of my favorite moves from a sculpt class in CA a few years ago. It combines the bench press/chest press with a crunch! Brilliant – you are using the weight and all of your upper body control to execute the move.

  • Start sitting on the ball holding the weights.
  • Walk feet forward and roll down the ball until only your head and shoulders are on the ball.
  • Squeeze the butt so that the butt doesn’t droop.
  • Keep the hands out to the side of your chest.
  • Bring the arms up to meet each other – don’t let the weights touch.
  • Now crunch to the ceiling.
  • Return to the ball. Bring the weights back down. Make sure to keep squeezing that butt and abs. Keep the elbows out to the sides.

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