Exercise Move: Stability Ball Exercises: Ab Ball Pass

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The stability ball ab pass is an exercise I love because it works the FULL rectus abdominus – meaning “upper” and “lower” abs so you can see and feel results. This exercise helps train you to scoop in the abs and provides a nice stretch fot the arms and legs too! Make sure you breathe and only lower the legs as far as you can without bringing the lower back off the floor.

  • Start lying on the ground.
  • Lower your legs until the back starts to come off the ground. Hold the ball over the head.
  • Bring the ball and your legs to meet in the middle.
  • Transfer the ball to the legs.
  • Lower the legs and arms again.
  • Make sure the legs don’t go so low that the back comes off the ground or the move is uncomfortable. When this happens, you are straining the lower back and not using your abs!
  • Bring the ball back to the middle and switch the ball to the hands again. Make sure to keep the belly button squeezed to the spine and BREATHE!

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